"Hard" Brexit loomed again on the horizon

The British currency continues to be under strong pressure since Brexit's "hard" scenario is still on the table.

According to the British Prime Minister Theresa May, only the achievement of a compromise between the Conservatives and Labor will allow the current situation around the "divorce" process to get off the ground.


"Since the parliament has made it clear that it will block the exit of the country from the European Union without a deal, we now have a hard choice: either leave the alliance with the agreement or not leave it at all," she said.

The stumbling block in the negotiations between the Conservatives and the Labor Party is the question of holding a second referendum and maintaining British membership in the Customs Union. The opposition insists that after Brexit, the country should keep as close as possible economic ties with the EU, while May and her supporters want to withdraw the state from the single trade and legal space of the bloc.


"Now we are waiting for the cabinet members to come to us and tell if they are ready to cross one of the red lines they have drawn. We had excellent negotiations and discussed many technical details. However, so far we have not seen any steps on the part of the government that would prove that it is ready to change at least one clause of the agreement, "said Rebecca Long-Bailey, a representative of the Labor Party.

Brussels hopes that the parties will be able to reach an agreement before the start of the summit of European leaders, which will be held on April 10.

Recall that last week, Theresa May asked the EU to postpone the final date of Brexit to June 30th and whether the alliance will meet her will be known already this Wednesday.

"It is assumed that there will be another extension of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, but this is still an unresolved issue, and this week a number of turns may occur, which will lead to the volatility of the pound," said by MUFG analyst, Lee Hardman.

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