Bitcoin consolidated above $44k: has the bullish rally resumed?

Bitcoin has been in a consolidation phase for the past week and a half, with the price locked within a narrow range of $40.5k–$43.4k. During this period, price changes fluctuated around 1%, and trading activity did not exceed $25 billion. Meanwhile, various categories of investors continued to actively accumulate BTC coins, but there was no clear confidence in the cryptocurrency's bullish prospects.

We considered two scenarios for Bitcoin's development, and as of February 8, the asset approached the realization of the bullish scenario. The cryptocurrency consolidated above $44k and continues to rise towards the $44.5k level. Trading volumes and buyer activity on the asset's network significantly increased, indicating the potential for continued growth. However, it is premature to claim that Bitcoin has fully resumed a bullish rally.

Bullish Scenario

Recall that the bullish scenario for Bitcoin involves the cryptocurrency resuming its upward movement to the $45k level after a local correction. Near this mark, the 0.618 Fibonacci level passes, which is a key resistance zone and, at the same time, the final zone for corrective movement in the long term. To eliminate the probability of a repeat decline and a retest of the shoulders level at $40.5k, the asset needs to break through $45k.

As of writing, Bitcoin is trading near the $44.5k level, with daily trading volumes around $24 billion. It is worth noting that trading volumes remain low, while the number of unique addresses on the BTC network continues to grow, which is a positive signal. Bitcoin is gradually approaching the broad accumulation zone of $44.5k–$45k, where a local pullback may occur.

On the 4-hour chart, the stochastic oscillator has entered the overbought zone, indicating the prospect of a cryptocurrency price pullback in the near future. Among the potential levels for a local correction, $43.9k and $43.4k can be highlighted. However, Bitcoin doesn't need to undergo a local correction immediately after the start of the rally, but resistance from sellers will increase. Therefore, fundamental macro factors may play a crucial role in the upcoming retest of $45k.

Fundamental Background

Moderate optimism is gradually returning to the cryptocurrency market, as well as to other financial markets. Investors still hope that the Federal Reserve System will begin easing monetary policy before the second half of 2024. As the Fed meeting has just concluded, and inflation data will be released next week, traders will be monitoring labor market indicators.


Bitcoin has emerged from a state of dormancy, and the cryptocurrency market has entered an active phase of upward movement. In the context of the global situation, this process occurs within the framework of a corrective movement, making it crucial for investors that Bitcoin consolidates above $45k. However, given the possibility of negative macroeconomic data, it is advisable to be prepared for a decline in BTC quotes. Considering that selling volumes remain high, this scenario also appears likely.Pentru mai multe detalii, va invitam sa vizitati stirea originala.