Technical Analysis of Daily Price Movement of Crude Oil Commodity Asset, Monday June 24 2024.

If we look at the daily chart of the Crude Oil commodity asset, we can see deviations between #CL price movements which are making higher - highs while the Stochastic Oscillator indicator is forming a Double Top pattern which also happens to be at the Overbought level as well so that in the next few days #CL has the potential to be corrected down fell to level 79.61 as the main target and level 79.23 as the next target, but if on its way to these targets suddenly #CL strengthens again significantly, especially if it succeeds in breaking above level 82.50, the previously predicted weakening correction scenario will not be possible. valid and automatically cancel by itself.


Pentru mai multe detalii, va invitam sa vizitati stirea originala.

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